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The Next Big Thing 2019

| June 1 – July 20 |
| Blackboard Gallery, Studio Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA |

The Next Big Thing, a group exhibition, features artists that challenge their boundaries and excavate unique discoveries to create new and bold work. 

Juried by Matt Gleason, internationally recognized art critic and curator of contemporary practice, he is the founder of the highly controversial Coagula Art Journal. He gained a reputation for confrontation and tearing down the establishment. Almost thirty years later Gleason, the outspoken critic, has become the curator, with a reputation for creating dynamic and experimental exhibitions that are no less challenging than his editorials.

Included in the exhibition are two works that explore relief printmaking in different formats.

Afterburn II

Afterburn IIis the relief-carved matrix for a woodcut print. Three prints were made from the carved block and the ink was left on the block to make the finished piece. Carving an image in a block is like drawing in wood for me. To realize the print matrix as a finished piece was a pivotal step.

Scrub Blazing Star Shrine Box

“Scrub Blazing Star Shrine Box” is the prototype for a series of shrine boxes dedicated to endangered and endemic plants. The cover is a carved woodcut. Inside there is a shadowbox, a small book for visitor comments, paper, and rubbing crayons. Visitors can make a rubbing print from the cover. Looking for a way to bring the printmaking medium outdoors and interactive, this shrine box paved the way for other shrine boxes currently on display on nature trails.

For more information about the exhibition visit:
Blackboard Gallery, Studio Channel Islands | 2222 E. Ventura Blvd., Camarillo, CA 93010
Phone: 805.383.1368