Mollie Doctrow, artist & printmaker

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Carving a Path

December 12, 2017 – January 5,  2018
Searle Gallery, ArtCenter Manatee, Bradenton, FL

Opening Reception: December 14, 5-7 p.m.


Roberts Lake Strand

“Tracing a line on a map, from early woodcuts of the Blue Ridge Mountains to recent work of the scrubby Florida flatlands, “Carving a Path” is nearly a literal description of my artistic journey.

Armed with sketchbook and camera, slogging through swamps, wading through weeds and getting off the beaten path, I sketch native habitats and make environmental woodcuts. The woodcut prints are portraits of plants and plant communities, some endemic, rare, and endangered.

Each woodcut begins with a blank field of smooth Japanese shina wood. Carving out the white areas to create the image is like being in the middle of a forest and following the light through the trees to reach the road. The image emerges from the wood as the carving proceeds.”

ArtCenter Manatee
209 9th St. West, Bradenton, FL